Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Superintense Viet Nam Edition 1/3

We’re keeping good time so far, and all new stuff too – Caden’s presented live-editing of horror movie clips, Katarina’s showing some autobiographical stuff about her Danish Nazi refugee father, Keng Sen’s come up to talk about the private/epic dialectic of Disapora and the interrogation of exoticism in Geisha, and Nibroll are showing their freakily beautiful recursive animated installations – and the cosiness of the Galery Quynh space, with everyone on grass mats, packs the Viet audience and ourselves into a sweet sanuk little dumpling of a community. Ooh, Mikuni and Keisuke have extra time now, so they’re showing their dance.

“Why do people want to live in the city? I don’t understand but also I understand.” -Mikuni

“We used to be about no border. Now we are no no border.” -Mikuni

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