Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Late Interview with Nibroll, represented by Nibroll Mikuni Yannaihara & Keisuke Takahashi

YS: Why don’t you tell me how you two met?

Mikuni: Hmm?

YS: The two of you.

Mikuni: When I was in Tokyo art school. Tokyo movie art school. For all of Nibroll’s members. My brother is different because he studied fashion. But he joined about 19, right? 19 years old, about.

YS: But how old were you?

Mikuni: Maybe 23. When we founded Nibroll. (to Keisuke) You were 23, I was 24.

Keisuke: 10 years ago.

Mikuni: 10 years ago, yes.

Keisuke: 12 years right?

Mikuni: Yes. Because we are. Yes. Just 22. Around 21.

YS: Why did you begin Nibroll?

Mikuni: Because the first time, I work in a TV and movie company, but the director is always movie director and also TV director; I’m just doing assistant and I really want to make some things. And I asked for Nibroll’s members and they also want to. And we try first time making movie, but money isn’t enough because movies usually need to money for film. And then we try to the stage. Then many people saying you can dance, I can dance; you can video, I can music, I can lighting. like this. Then just start. Yes?

Keisuke: Yes.

Mikuni: But first stage is so terrible because everybody doesn’t know the stage. And then also for example usually we have a rehearsal in a… how do you say… eninpruo..

Keisuke: Promotion.

Mikuni: But they don’t know. (laughs) Everything has.,. I can’t tell you, but many many happening.

YS: What is the work that you are proudest of?

Mikuni: Best?

Keisuke: Best ah? Best ah nani?

Mikuni: Mmm. I don’t know, but Nibroll is very lucky, because we got a grant and a space. But we think more comfortable. And try to making work. The best. I don’t know.

Keisuke: Next one will be the best!

Mikuni: Okay…

Keisuke: Always our best.

Mikuni: Try to… Very difficult.

YS: You took a break from performances for a while.

Mikuni: One and a half years. Finished the break.

YS: So you do shows now?

Mikuni: Sometimes. Because necessary. If Nibroll stop, nobody choreograph. So yes, start again. We start. Ha ha ha. (laughs) Keiskuke, talk more.

YS: What’s planned next?

Mikuni: Perhaps we can say some corporation things? We are not just making art. Also fashion and TV and commercials.

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