Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Ninjas are very respected in my country."

Justa let you know, those of us on Jetstar 555 got to Singapore safe. Koosil-ja's going to Tokyo, Melati and Katarina are going to Solo, Julie's here overnight before packing up for New York again, tomorrow KS and TT go to Shanghai, and Chee Wai, David and Mich are going to Hanoi. My my, what a busy bunch we are... (and will we ever meet again, allofus, in the same room? The statisticians are counting.)

Big goodbye hugs at the luggage belt. (These were earlier paralleled by our big goodbye hugs to Arlette and Linh and our volunteers at Tan Son Nhat Airport). Of course I tried to snap pictures, but then I was reminded about airport security.

Just before we let, I told Tadasu (who's going back to Osaka to witness the birth of his second child) about Cory Doctorow's proposal for Ninja Air Travel. Definitely, some things don't translate.

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