Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blank screen

I did not enjoy the video art from young Vietnamese artists and non-artists they showed us this morning. "Love Letter" had promise, but like the rest, it had no sense of narrative and dragged like hell at 40 min. Tinh, the blind masseur, was an interesting director conceptually but his film wasn't much better than the rest.

Of course, I was also exhausted from insufficient sleep (nothing scandalous, just bad time management) and the fact that I have the runs (drinking tap water does catch up with you eventually).

KS closed the event well - gave some background on his philosophy behind the current incarnation of FCP, drawn from that experience back 2000 when the traditional artists included 20 Tibetan monks, whom the cameras went crazy over - exotica exotica, same as the inclusion of a blind director. "How can it become a context in which he’s no longer so paraded?" he says. “How do we keep the balance so it does not become a circus?"

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