Thursday, November 1, 2007

Desire Paths

Today's itinerary: everyone got a slot to do tech for their presentations. Big headaches. In between, we got to go to Little India to do Spell #7's Desire Paths.

Desire Paths is a discman audiotour around the streets of Little India, created by Kaylene Tan, Ben Slater and Evan Tan, following phantom voices who instruct you on the history and cultural landscape of the neighbourhood. The bells of the temple ring in the strings of your ears and you follow invisible footsteps and dodge traffic which isn't there. Very beautiful and very Unheimlich.

Went on the three o'clock tour with Kaffe and Rudi (he's an observer from Norway, with a specialty in Circus Studies).

Kaffe's favourite bit was where Ben's voice tells you how Race Course Road was once a real race course, where the first plane landed in Singapore.

There was a video art student, Brian, who was assigned to document our journey.

I kept getting us lost. I documented his documentation.

Then we broke for bhattura, pooris, rice cakes and mango lassi on the go at Komala Villa.

Poor Kaffe's been overpaying for all her meals so far. She kept getting directed to $50 restaurants of mediocre Indonesian fish.

I like fragmentary signs.

Go take the tour yourself. To make an appointment, contact spell#7 at or +65 6392-1772.

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