Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Artists Have Arrived!

And we've been introducing ourselves each other in a circle since 3pm, talking about language and communication and global origins and theory and practice and collaboration.


It seems to be that communication always seems to fail. And that’s part of communication. You say 100, and someone thinks “polygon", or the listener thinks "99.99"… That’s the way I feel about communication in general. But shall I give up? My time runs out, so I'll just keep communicating? Language is definitely an immediate tool for my idea and maybe that’s not the only thing that fails when you communicate; language is translated. I’m very interested int that area of failing communication.

Looking at everybody’s biographies it’s very interesting, everyone’s ideas approach to creation and looking at my own biography, I look like an asshole, listing my awards. I wrote a bio as if it’s to get a grant. I love reading everyone’s bios except mine.

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